Chuck's Car

This is a fan-made interpretation of what Chuck's Car may have looked like(Note:There is a second version for the fan-made interpretation of the Chuck's car).

Chuck's Car was for a long time the most famous mystery of Monster Truck Madness 2. It was a planned unlockable truck but was pulled from the game for reasons left unknown for years.

The mystery Edit

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By typing "chuck" during any race in MTM2, a message will appear that says: "Restart the game to drive Chuck's Car." However, unlocking Chuck's Car is completely impossible. The truck is not part of the game, though the message that appears was never removed from the retail version.

Resolution Edit

"Chuck" is Terminal Reality employee Chuck Carson, who also worked on Monster Truck Madness. A popular rumor was that Chuck's Car was supposed to be a custom Chevy Camaro, though there is no evidence to support this. Another theory was that the truck was supposed to be The Patriot, a beta-only custom truck from MTM designed by Carson.

According to Carson, the car was in fact a Camaro. In March of 2009, Carson wrote "I had created a yellow 68 camaro i put in the game for a short time, we pulled it because it looked just like a camaro and didn't want any issues from Chevrolet."

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