A Crazy Eight (Crazy '98 in Monster Truck Madness 2) is the first circuit in Monster Truck Madness. It is the games easiest track, and is good for practicing with different truck set-ups. While the track is short, it contains many straights and no sharp corners, plus two jumps.

The track has many scenery objects: including a mechanical dinosaur on caterpillar tracks eating a car, a green crane, camper vans and caravans, and construction vehicles. About 3/4 of the way through, the track splits into two paths. Players can either go round a bridge under construction on a dirt road, or jump over the bridge (this can only be achieved if the difficulty is on intermediate or professional.)

It is the only track that reappeared in Monster Truck Madness 2.

Crazy '98Edit

Crazy '98 is the Monster Truck Madness 2 version. The track layout is the same as A Crazy Eight, only the scenery, billboards and track textures are different. The camper vans, caravans and green crane have also been removed.

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