Firestone Wilderness appeared in MTM2 as a replacement truck for Bigfoot Power Wheels.

Truck information:

Since 1991, Team Bigfoot has been using Firestone tires exclusively on its fleet of monster trucks. “The Firestone shield denotes 100 plus years of quality and value in the tire business,” says Jim Kramer, Vice President of Operations for Bigfoot 4X4, Inc. “We are proud to display it on the new Firestone Bigfoot truck.”

In addition to running on Firestone brand tires since 1991, Team Bigfoot has used Firestone-themed monster truck bodies, starting with the introduction of the Firestone Wilderness™ Bigfoot truck in 1997.
Aside from the Firestone Bigfoot race vehicle, Bigfoot also maintains a dedicated Firestone Bigfoot display truck that visits Firestone’s retail stores and dealers throughout the year to promote the Bigfoot/Firestone relationship. In 2006 alone, the Bigfoot fleet logged 378 display days at Firestone retail locations.

Firestone Wilderness Fast Facts:
Owners: Bob and Marilyn Chandler
Driver: Eric Meagher
Driver Hometown: Fallston, Maryland
Truck Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Vehicle Body: 1997 F150 Fiberglass Ford pickup body and a Deflecta-Sheild cab extender and sunvisor
Frame: Complete tubular frame and cage
Engine: 572 c.i. Ford with an 871 BDS blower, fuel injection, Isky cam, Wiesco pistons, Total Seal piston rings, MSD ignition, K&N air filter, Mr. Gasket gaskets, Parker hydraulic components, RJS fires system, Clevite 77 engine bearings, ARP fasteners, Milodon oil pan, and Racor oil filter
Transmission: Ford C-6 with TCI race converter Alabama bands, Hurst shifter, and an aluminum transfer case with quick change gears
Tires: Firestone Flotation tires, 66 x 43 x 25
Shocks: Eight Nitrogen charged Trailmaster shocks
Axles: ZF Axles with internal wet brakes and planetaries
Height: 10 feet
Width: 11 feet, 9 inches

Weight: 10,700 pounds

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