Real name Bill Purvis
Origin United States
Joined 1998 (deceased)
Track maker Yes
Truck maker No
Playing style Racing
Utilities created

Bill Purvis, aka GuitarBill, was a notable member of the Monster Truck Madness community. He is best known as the designer of the track creation program TRAXX.

Achievements Edit

GuitarBill created Traxx, a program that created Monster Truck Madness add-on tracks. The program replaced TRI's in house track creator TrackEd as it was much more user friendly.

GuitarBill created 6 tracks for Monster Truck Madness 2, including Valley of Kings, Cumbria, and The Lake.

Bill was respected by the entire Monster Truck Madness community. He was also a game programmer and independent developer.

Death Edit

In mid-December 2004, GuitarBill committed suicide after a long battle with depression. His memory is honored every February with the running of the GuitarBill Memorial Tournament, in which his tracks are run. In 2008, the tournament was changed to the Guitar Bill Expo, which ran 10 brand new tracks made in his memory.

GuitarBill's death was announced on the Monster Truck Madness Guild's General Discussion forum on January 25, 2005 by RIP_JM.

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