KLP is a numeric text file format used for WAV playback information. In order to work, it needs to have the same .WAV file name. (E.g. DEMO.WAV DEMO.KLP)

Data formatEdit

Format 1Edit

[Line1] [Line2] [Line3]

[Jump From] [Jump To]

Format 2Edit




[Jump From] [Jump To]

Line 1Edit

Play mode

  • 0 Play once
  • 1 Loop
  • 2 Forward and Back
  • 3 Defined list
  • 4 unknown
  • 5 undetermined
  • 6 random

Value 1 start/stop pair are on the first line

Values 0,2 use one number only

Line 2Edit

The center number means the file will loop at that point in time of the file. The units of time are in Samples. In a 22050Hz wav this would be the number of seconds into the file 22050 if line 2 is 0 it's considered the beginning of the file.

Lines 3 and overEdit

value pairs that define start and stop sample points, is the place to jump from, like when you get to this point jump to line2 . if line 3 is 0 it's assumed to be the end of the file.

[Jump From] [Jump To]

[Jump From] [Jump To]

[Jump From] [Jump To]

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