Kmaster's avatar, "Hardcore Cat"
Real name Juan Pablo Meza
Birthday March 6, 1990
Origin Valparaíso, Chile
Joined October 2003
Signature truck Black Stallion
Track maker Yes
Truck maker Yes
Playing style Racing, Rumbling, RNR
Team Monsters of Destruction (MOD), Ex-FCW
Utilities created
MTM2 Hi-res

MOD_Kmaster, often abbreviated as Kmaster or KM, is a Monster Truck Madness 2 racer/rumbler and a member of the Monsters of Destruction. He currently resides in Valparaiso, Chile, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. His main stock truck is Black Stallion. He is a member of the MTMG community since 2003.

Role in community Edit

Kmaster is a track/truck maker and has had several of his tracks run in tournaments, including races Deathway and Valparaiso Racing and rumbles such as Thrash Zone. He is also the unofficial head of the "MTM2 Research Facility" and frequently digs up information on the prehistory of both Monster Truck Madness games. He owns and operates Kmaster's House of Wicked Awesomeness, an MTM2 add-on site.

Kmaster also orchestrates occasional casual events involving racing/rumbling on stock tracks using only add-on buses. The buses are mainly South American models and are created by him and fellow south american MONSTER_MORA.

He also founded the Monster Truck Madness Wikia in July of 2008.

Kmaster frequents the Monster Truck Madness Guild and is not shy about adding sarcastic or humorous comments.

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