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LVL (level) is a text file that contains some of the level (track) details. The LVL file format is used by Terminal Reality from Terminal Velocity (1995) to 4x4 EVO 2 (2001).

This is the MTM2 SIT File format explained (From Crazy '98 track)

  • Description  : crazy98.txt
  • Map altitude  : crazy98.raw
  • Map color  : crazy98.clr
  • Map palette  : crazy98.act
  • Map texture list  : crazy98.tex
  • Sky texture  : cloudy2.raw
  • Sky palette  : cloudy2.act
  • Background music  : break.wav
  • Fog color  : 255
  • Light source vector : -46333,-46333,0
  • Animation file  : crazy98.ani
  • Ambient light  : 32768

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