The Monster Truck Madness Guild, abbreviated MTMG is a website dedicated to MTM2 including tutorials and downloads, since 1999. Its motto "giving you the tools to raise the standard" was authored by GyverX. It's maintained by Phineus and it's considered the best source for tutorials and utilities in the community.

About the SiteEdit

Let me first say thank you for visiting the site and I hope to be able to answer any questions you may have. After some time and thought and talks with friends about the MTMG and its "Membership" issues and not really knowing what actually was going to happen, I have come to the conclusion that the MTMG is going to be exactly what the name stands for; A "Guild". An Organization of people of the MTM community dedicated to helping others make quality tracks for Monster Truck Madness. - GyverX, February 1999

It was some time shortly after that statement by GX that the slogan "giving you the tools to raise the standard" was added to our banner, and it's been there ever since. We've come a long way, haven't we? And it has been a long way, too. We're on our fourth or fifth server (I've lost count), we've seen new game releases, we've seen people come and go (tho old timers like Sir James, Lord Cap, psyco, Sleeper and Miyh are never far away), we finally host fully interactive track and truck up and download pages, we've expanded to include all aspects of the game, not just tracks, we've enjoyed partnerships with people like ObeOne at roadrage, F-350 at mw-gaming, ONaN on his own private site, KC at, as well as large hosts like, and we've weathered some brutal storms with the kind friendship of people like Stuck Throttle and Kingdave. In our time we've seen new tools, utilities and tutorials developed, a brand new style of reviews, new modes of game play, and a whole slew of creativity covering every part of the game. I won't make any claims saying we've accomplished our goal of raising the standard, but in the past four years we've established ourselves as a touchstone in the mtm community - which wouldn't mean much without visitors like you as well as the track and truck builders who continue to pump fresh life into our game. So, from Malibu350, Drive2Survive, Winterkill, Copey, BigDogge, Jumper, RobbyH14 and everybody else (the list is long) here at the mtmg, I extend a warm welcome to our humble site. We hope you enjoy it's benefits and that you stick around to read the next update to this page. - Phineus, May 2003

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