Left: Executioner 2.1 Right: Stock Executioner

Monster Truck Madness 2.1 is an improvement project for Monster Truck Madness 2 created by Alpine. Version 2.1 was part of the Madness Project, headed by Alpine, ONaN and the Ground Zero team.

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The project is a POD file that replaces the game's TRUCK2.POD file. The new TRUCK2.POD file, version 2.1, contains 20 trucks. 10 of the trucks are the game's stock trucks with much improved wheels. The other 10 are known as the "fiberglass" trucks. They are the 10 stock trucks with the new wheels and drastically improved paint, bodies, and chassis. The non-fiberglass trucks directly replace the games stock trucks, and thus are allowed in online play. In an online match, all trucks will appear as the 2.1 versions on an updated game, but on non-2.1 games they will appear normal.

Some players report that the 2.1 POD file causes lag, and others say it does not work, but reception has been generally positive.


Executioner 2.1 (Fiberglass)

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