Nitemare appeared in MTM2 as a monster truck.

Truck facts:

MAKE: 1995 Dodge Ram

OWNER/DRIVER: Andy Hoffman

TOWN/CITY: Huntington,Indiana

ENGINE: 557 Chrysler Hemi engine, Lenco 3 speed transmission


INFORMATION: The first Nitemare truck was originaly built by Steve to promote his 4 x 4 Hessbusiness.
He sold this truck to Kirk Dabney, along with the use of the name. Kirk Dabney also raced this truck, as USA-1, sporting the USA-1 Chevrolet body. Kirk Dabney then sold the Nitemare Monster Truck and the rights to the name in 1995 to Andy Hoffman.
The Nitemare truck owned by Andy Hoffman, is now a 1996 Dodge Ram powered by a rear engine Chrysler hemi. The drive train currently consists of a Lenco transmission and a Profab transfer case. Andy originally did truck and tractor pulling, before driving for Kirk Dabney for a short time. It was then he decided to buy the truck from Kirk. There is another Nitemare truck which is Nitemare 2. This is driven by Gary Bauer and has a Ford body.

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