Old Jammer
Origin Texas, United States
Joined 2003
Signature truck Overkill
Track maker Evo only
Truck maker No
Playing style Racing, Rumbling, RNR
Team Team OLD

OLD_Jammer, often abbreviated as "Jam," is a Monster Truck Madness 2 and 4X4 Evolution racer and rumbler. He runs at least three or four tournaments per week and posts the results on the Monster Truck Madness Guild. He currently resides in Texas.

Tournaments Edit

Jammer hosts one race and one rumble in Monster Truck Madness 2 per week, and occasionally steps in to replace other hosts when they cannot attend. He also hosts multiple 4X4 Evolution tournaments per week. He attends virtually every single tournament and is a successful racer and rumbler. He is also an RNR blocker, usually partnered with OLD_YoMega.

Jammer is a track maker for 4X4 Evolution.

He is the most active member of Team OLD. His main truck is Overkill.

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