Overkill appeared in MTM and appeared as Extreme Overkill in MTM2

Trucks facts:

MAKE: 1997 F-150 Ford

OWNER: Kirk Dabney

DRIVER: Kirk Dabney

TOWN/CITY: Fort Wayne, Indiana


Overkill, the monster pride and joy of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the perfect name for Kirk Dabney's monster truck. Reflecting on how the truck earned its name, Kirk comments: "We spent so many hours and so much time building this truck that we could have settled for less, but we had to go for overkill." It's clear that settling for less is not on Kirk's (or Overkill's) agenda.Like many monster truck racers, Kirk got his monster truck start working on 4 x 4 trucks. He built his own shop, worked on 4 x 4's for a living, and built his first monster truck as a promotion for his business. He started monster truck racing in 1984. When he's not behind the wheel of Overkill, Kirk doesn't stray too far vehicle-wise; he drives a Ford 4 x 4 pickup with lift kits and tires. One of the things he loves best about monster truck racing is traveling around the country meeting and talking with fans who are also into 4 x 4's.Overkill is one of the few trucks on the professional monster truck tour that weighs in at 9,800 pounds, 200 pounds shy of the MTRA required minimum 10,000 pounds. In preparation for competition racing, Kirk and crew add 200 pounds of load weights to the truck to meet MTRA rules.

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