Phineus with an Expo 2003 cap
Real name Phineus Gage
Origin Ontario, Canada
Joined 1998
Signature truck Rampage
Track maker Yes (with different names)
Truck maker Yes (with different names)
Playing style Racing, Rumbling, RNR, CNR
Team none
Utilities created
Gold View

Phineus Gage, often abbreviated as Phineus or simply "Phin", is a notable member of the Monster Truck Madness community, admin of the MTM2.COM portal, maintainer of the Monster Truck Madness Guild, racer, rumbler, track/truck maker, tournament host, model designer and developer. He currently resides in Ontario, Canada. His main stock truck is Rampage. He is widely credited as the most important member of the Monster Truck Madness community in the 2000s.

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