A RAW file is a simple 8-bit graphic file format in which there is no header information and consists of an unformatted series of one-byte indexed values that point to a color table in an ACT file. It uses a 1:1 pixel-to-color scale. That is, there are just as many bytes as there are pixels. It is the main image format used in Monster Truck Madness.

Data structureEdit


Example sizesEdit

A 64x64 pixel graphic would be 64*64 = 4096 bytes (4k) A 256x256 pixel graphic would be 256*266 = 65536 bytes (64k)


The RAW format is very efficient, uses about one-third the disk and memory space of a BMP file, and is very fast to read into a program.


You must know the graphic dimensions prior to reading the file, it is limited to 8-bit 256 colors, and it is worthless without the accompanying ACT file.

RAW file format 2Edit

RAW file format 2 is a 24-bit true color graphic file.

This kind of RAW file is a true color, 24-bit graphic file format which consists of an unformatted series of three-byte RGB values for each pixel in an image.

Data structureEdit



Provides true color images from an 8-bit rendering system.


You must know the graphic dimensions prior to reading the file.


Monster truck madness produces this file format when taking screen shots using gold mode, but it does not use this format when rendering the game.

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