Race N Rumble abbreviated as RNR, is a style of play for the game Monster Truck Madness 2. It was not a part of the actual game; rather, it was invented by BLS_Playa and OGX_TwoStroke. RNR tournaments are held at every Wednesday evening.

Gameplay Edit

Race N Rumble games require gamers to pair up. One teammate is a "racer," while the other is a "blocker." Racers run the race as they would in any other racing event, while the blockers attempt to block, obstruct, or otherwise slow down the opposing racers. Blockers may take any route they wish to find a place to lie in wait of opposing trucks, as they are not required to finish a lap. Race N Rumble events require tracks that effectively cater to this sort of unique event. RNR tracks are typically fairly short and have multiple points of intersection. They have few drastic changes in altitude and it is usually easy for blockers to move around the track freely to set themselves up.

Blockers are often users that are primarily rumblers and are not as strong at racing.

Rules Edit

You are not allowed to have both members of a team race; it makes things unfair for the opposing blockers, especially in 1 on 1 games. After the race is complete and the game says "All trucks on final lap!" blockers run one lap on the course to end the multiplayer game.

Etiquette Edit

It is considered bad sportsmanship to block a racer who is buried in last place; blockers usually turn on the map (by pressing TAB) to have a view of the standings at all times. Blockers from two teams double teaming a racer is also frowned upon, and a popular complaint that will appear during gameplay. The racer in first is especially susceptible to this.

On the last lap of a race, blockers usually form a dog pile right before the finish line, making for some nail-biting conclusions.

Garage sets Edit

Garage sets for blockers vary between 800 - 1400 m/s for quickness and power, however that's not carved in stone because it's possible to be an effective blocker with racing sets as well. Automatic shifting is recommended for both racers and blockers. Standard shift gives the racers more horsepower, but in RnR the emphasis is on perpetual motion, not speed per se. And if you do get stopped, it's a lot easier to get into reverse using automatic as opposed to manual shifting.

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