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Trucks racing in Tinhorn Junction

Racing is the main style of play for the Monster Truck Madness series, in which, player has to follow checkpoints to finish a lap. Races are played in circuits or rallies (circuit racing) or drags (drag racing). Circuit racing tournaments are held at every weekend.

Circuit racing Edit

Racing rules Edit

  • When a player arrive to the tournament room say "in" in the main chat and you will be entered for the tournament.
  • All racers to race all 4 rounds, no elimination.
  • Join on day no later than 15 mins before start.
  • There is no eliminations in racing, therefore late entries will be allowed if space permits.
  • If the game is launched and a player can not drive his truck, he must ask the host for a restart, leave, fully reboot his machine and return.
  • If a player have a disconnect before half way in the round, reboot fully, come back for a restart. The player have inside of 5 mins to return. *If disconnect is after half way, player will be awarded last place for that round and can join in the next after rebooting.


Collisions are sometimes unavoidable, but intentional hits are never allowed. If there is a dispute, host will ask all gamers in that particular room to re-race and he will sit in on that race. The re-race is not open for discussion.

If a player found to be deliberately hindering another racer in this regard, the player will be disqualified from the tournament.


If the track maker has left shortcuts on the track then all are free to use them only if they can be driven with your truck.

The helicopter is not to be used as a mode of transport for your truck to get from place to place on the track, that is not considered "racing". The helicopter call can be used as an emergency stop only. The heli cannot be used to perform maneuvers otherwise impossible, thus extending the physical possibilities of the vehicle. Failure to adhere to these rules in most online tournaments results in disqualification from that tournament.

Custom trucksEdit

Custom trucks or "add-on" trucks are generally not allowed in racing tournaments, to reduce the lag created by hi-vertex count models.

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