Snake Bite has appeared in both MTM and MTM2.

Truck facts:

Owner: Bob and Marilyn Chandler

Drivers: Sky Hartley

Vehicle Body: Custom Fiberglass pickup body, fabricated by GTS Fiberglass, with Snakeskin automotive paint

Hometown: Nobleboro, Maine

Engine: 572 c.i. Battlesnake Ford engine with 871 Viperod blower, A.S.P.  fuel injection, Sidewinder ignition, Mr. Slither gaskets, Big Boa air and oil filters

Transmission: Snake-A-Zoid "Snakeamatic" automatic transmission with Hiss shifter, Torque-tongued converter, Python "Death Bite" transfer case with quick change gears

Chassis: Custom Snakesteel frame with a Cobra racing seat

Tires: Hissteria "Super Slither" flotation tires, size 66 x 43 x 25

Suspension: SNAKE MASTER racing shocks, Rattleflex springs

Axles: Custom-designed by Race-Nake


Snake Bite was created in 1991 by Bigfoot 4x4, Inc. It competed on the PENDA points series from 1991 to 1994. Now Snake Bite is used for non-points series competiton, as well as the "Safarifoot" rides.

Snake Bite is one of several aternative names for Bigfoot Monster Truck.  Among these alterative names have been "Summit Bigfoot", "Power Wheels Bigfoot", "Tonka", "Xbox", "WildFoot" and "Snake Bite".

Snake Bite (using Bigfoot 4's chassis) was originally driven by Gene Patterson, under the pseudonym of Colt Cobra. He wore a mask to hide his identity and came from the fictional town of Cobra Creek, Colorado. Eric Meagher became Colt Cobra in 1993 (now with Bigfoot 8's chassis) when Gene drove Bigfoot #10 to second place behind Andy Brass in Bigfoot #11. Dan Runte drove it as Ricky Rattler for a short time, but Ricky also came from Cobra Creek, Colorado. Since 1997, a regular Bigfoot driver under his own name has been driving Snake Bite.

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