Summit rumbles or simply rumbling are "King of the Hill" style multiplayer-only events where you compete against opponents for points based on the amount of time you spend in the scoring zone and the number of opponents you knock out of the scoring zone. The max of participants are 8. Those events are held in special rumble tracks.

In Summit rumbles, drivers score points based on the amount of time they spend on the Summit (and within the Summit Scoring Zones) during a session. For Summit Rumbles, points are awarded and taken away according to the following system:

  • You earn 10 points for each second you are on the Summit and within a Summit Scoring Zone. Depending on which Summit Rumble you're playing on, you may find that the entire Summit is a scoring zone, while on others, the Summit has an outer perimeter that doesn't award points. Keep a close eye on your running score as you're driving around to find the scoring zones on the Summits.
  • You lose 1 point for each second you're off the Summit.
  • You lose 50 points each time you are booted (or fall) off the Summit.The total number of points you can earn in a Summit Rumble is dependent on the duration of the session.

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