The Outsiders
Dungeon of Doom, aka The Outsiders
Author TRI
Type Custom/Replica
Designed for MTM2
Model Custom
Tire model bfc (MTM2)
TRK file outsdr.TRK
BIN file outsdr2*
RAW base outser2*
Commentary file outs*
Lights 6
Notable drivers

The Outsiders was a WCW monster truck that appeared in Monster Truck Madness 2. The body of the truck is a custom depiction of a skull and bones dripping with blood. In reality, the truck did exist, though its real name was Dungeon of Doom, after the professional wrestling stable of the same name.However, before the truck was retired by Bigfoot, for a few USHRA events in 1998, the truck did carry "The Outsiders" name, sans blood. The truck was a member of Team Bigfoot and was officially known as Bigfoot 8.

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