Wildfoot has appeared in both MTM and MTM2. The real Wildfoot did not have the BIGFOOT 15 body like in MTM2.

Truck facts:


MAKE : 1996 F250 Fiberglass Ford pickup body, with a Deflecta-Shield cab extender and sunvisor

OWNER: Bob and Marilyn Chandler

DRIVER: Eric Tack

TOWN/CITY: St. Louis, Missouri

ENGINE: 572 c.i. Ford with a 871 BDS blower, fuel injection, Isky cam, Wiseco pistons, Total Seal piston rings, MSD ignition, K&N air filter, Mr. Gasket gaskets, Parker hydraulic components, RJS fire system, Clevite 77 engine bearings, ARP fasteners, Milodon oil pan, and Racor oil filter

Transmission: Ford C-6 with TCI race converter, Alabama Bands, and Hurst shifter, and an aluminum transfer case with quick change gears


BIGFOOT 11 is a refinement of BIGFOOT 10, but with even better suspension travel than BIGFOOT 10.
This truck was unveiled as the WILDFOOT truck at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, in November 1992.
The truck sported an all new paint job and graphics.
This was the first racing truck to come out of the BIGFOOT shop, with a totally different colored paint job.
The WILDFOOT truck, with Team BIGFOOT went into the 1993 PENDA Points Series by winning it's first race at Lima, Ohio. Also at Lima, Ohio, the WILDFOOT truck made the ledgendery 'wheelie run', where the truck, driven by Andy Brass, came off the start line & launched into a wheelie. Andy drove the truck by looking through the floorboards of the truck, & carried on driving doing the wheelie. As he hit the last hill near the end of the track, the truck launched into the air and landed onto the front two tires as it crossed the finish line.
WILDFOOT went on through the year & captured the world championship, making it Andy Brass's third world championship win.
In 1994 BIGFOOT 11 came back in it's BIGFOOT blue colours, but with new graphics. It was now running as the BIGFOOT CRUISER, this tied in with the launch of Fords, Cruiser light truck accessories made to fit on the F series pickups (ie. spoilers, Deflecta shields, sunvisors). BIGFOOT 11 captured the world championship making it it's second championship win, & Andy's fourth & last world championship win. He retired from the sport at the end of the 94 season.

In july 1995 BIGFOOT 11 with driver Eric Tack, set a world record for the long distance monster truck jumping, with a distance of 117 feet.

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